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RP journal for the Rat King from Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Rat King is a former scientist who can telepathically communicate with and control rats. He's also blind and can only see by looking through the eyes of rats. All of this also applies to anthropomorphic rats. Basically, if there's any hint of rat, he has a telepathic link to it. He's a bit of a misanthrope, preferring rats to humans. He's as scary of a horror villain as you can get in a cartoon aimed at kids.

Possible trigger warning: Mind control, mind games, mentions of being burned.

Backtagging: Always. If you take a break and come back months later, I might still be interested.
Threaddropping: Possible.
Format: Prose preferred. Willing to do script.
Threadjacking: Ask first.
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Canon Puncture: If it suits the thread/setting

IC Permissions
Crosscanon and AU: Absolutely!
Romance: Sure, but he may have a creepy idea of what romance is.
Hugging: Yes, but don't expect him to hug back unless there's been a relationship buildup, or we say the characters are in a pre-established relationship.
Kissing: Yes, same deal as hugging.
Flirting: Yes. Just don't expect him to flirt back.
Smut: Yes
Mutilating: Ask first
Killing: I'd rather not
Mind Reading: Sure. PM me for an idea of what kind of reading you'd get.


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The Rat King

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